The Igloo Insulated Shipper!


Properly packing your shipment ensures your perishables are safe until delivered. Igloo Insulated Shippers are a reliable, cost-effective solution for transporting temperature sensitive shipments. Lightweight yet sturdy, these shippers cushion as they insulate to protect your goods. Igloo Insulated Shippers are available in a variety of stock sizes. Custom sizes and imprinting also available.

  • Helps maintain the temperature of refrigerated products
  • Prevents heat loss or heat intrusion
  • Prevents “sweating” moisture on products
  • Clean and professional package
  • Suitable for a wide variety of shipping uses, such as:
    - Specialty Fruits
    - Seafood
    - Cheeses and Wine
    - Meats and Poultry
    - Organic Juices
    - Chocolate
    - Baked Goods
    - Cheesecakes
    - Medical & Pharmaceutical